Industry Consultation

The CSIR has been appointed by the DEA to manage and undertake the proposed extension of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the effective and efficient roll-out of large scale wind and solar developments in South Africa in order to identify additional Renewable Energy Development Zones (REDZs) on a National Level.

Based on the outcomes of the “Phase 1” Wind & Solar PV SEA undertaken in five provinces in 2014, the DEA has identified a need for additional REDZs to be determined. The additional REDZs to be identified will provide anchor points for grid expansion and provide dedicated energy generation areas from which electricity must be collected, thereby allowing strategic investment.

For the SEA process, various factors known as “Pull Factors” will be taken into account to determine the High Development Potential Areas that will be further refined to identify the additional REDZs. The Pull Factors include, inter alia, proximity to existing and future grid, available grid capacity, resource availability, low sensitivity environmental features (such as degraded areas) and industry input in terms of where renewable energy development is planned. This exercise will inform where industry is planning on developing large scale solar or wind developments. Due to the fact that this SEA is commissioned to assist in the strategic alignment of various development initiatives the exercise’s outcome is seen as a key component of the SEA.

* Exercise: Industry Prioritisation

* Gird cells KMZ format

* 50 km x 50 km map

Please email completed form to by 13 April 2017. For more information please contact Surina Laurie (Project Manager) via tell: 021 888 2561 or email: